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True Aviation Revolution!

A breakthrough in contemporary recreation, the Powered Parachute is becoming America's favorite pastime for active men and women. Learn to fly with us and find out why thousands believe Powered Parachuting is "The Future Of Fun". Our staff at ParaVenture is eager to explain the amazing simplicity and safety of Powered Parachuting fun.

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Flying?

Now You Can!  It's easy and It's safe.  Since the beginning of time, man has dreamed of taking to the skies and exploring the wonders of the world from above.  FULFILL your dream, come fly the Powered Parachute with us and challenge yourself to new heights of fun and recreation!

Almost Effortless Flight!

Enjoy the freedom and adventure of flight with a Powered Parachute, so simple to operate and so easy to learn that almost anyone can learn to safely fly our single place Powered Parachute in about 3 hours!  You steer with your feet. Push the right steering lever to turn right or the left steering lever to turn left.  Move the throttle lever forward to climb or back to descend. Forward, back, right, and left, that's all there is to it!

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